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  • Get up at the right time so you’re not running behind before your feet even hit the floor with the Waking Time Worksheet
  • Know what to clean (& what not to worry about) with the time you have (even if you’re busy) with the Time Based Cleaning Tasks
  • Stop stressing about meals - we planned dinner for you (and breakfast & lunch!) - you’re welcome! Get our Quick & Easy Meal Ideas
  • Know what’s happening at a glance & all on one page with the Daily Snapshot
  • Throw your to-do list in the trash - use our Daily To-Do List and have just ONE thing to do

Hey there, I'm Jennifer...& this is my entire crew!

Before I had kids, my to-do list usually got done, I made sure I ate healthy meals & my house was always under control.

Then I had my daughter & my time was no longer my own.

And then I had 8 more kids & the demands on my time have grown at the same pace.

I learned the secret to managing your days well (& enjoying your life along the way) is found in systems, processes, and step-by-step templates.

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